Big Brother Naija housemate, Seyi has found himself in a tight corner after Venita surprised him with a kiss at the time Tacha wasn’t with him.
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Venita had waited until Tacha left Seyi’s side and went over to kiss himon his cheek. However, he was so surprised and his eyes darted around, checking if she had seen it. Watch the video below:

Fans were as surprised as Seyi at the kiss Venita gave him and they reacted to it in their own way. Here are some comments gathered:
Venita!! U gave Seyi a peck earlier, i didn’t talk, now u stylishly moved to sit by his side… I’m watching u.

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Madam 99 fans are really desperate to see Seyi and Characteristics ship, just cos Venita pecked Seyi they all have seizure. That ship can never sail or sail far, it’ll hit ice berg and capsize 🤣Seyi is way too much for her🤣
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I wanted to block everyone who said yes to Seyi and Venita making out because I don’t that kind if energy on my timeline. But ya’ll ruined it by being too serious.

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BBNaija: Esther has been Evicted!

Frodd seen crying for the eviction of his girlfriend Esther. How is he going to move on without Esther? Do you think he is going to remain single? Let’s know in the comment section below. 




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Toyin Lawani, Pretty Mike Pose Nude Together In Adam And Eve Inspired Photo Shoot

Fahion entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani and Night club owner, Pretty Mike are set to break the internet after releasing nude pictures of themselves together.

Toyin LawaniToyin Lawani and Pretty Mike

The duo in a promotional post for Kolaqalagbo, posed nude during an Adam and Eve inspired photo shoot.
In one of the photos, Toyin is seen hugging Pretty Mike, with her bare boobs against his chest. They, however, used leaves to prevent their private parts from touching.
See more photos below:

Toyin LawaniPretty Mike and Toyin LawaniPretty Mike