How I Disgraced A Female Student Who Wanted Me To Sleep With Her In My Office – Lecturer Says


A male lecturer once narrated his ordeal to me. He was in his office one fateful evening doing a research on a paper he was to present at a conference. He left his door ajar due to power failure to enable cross ventilation. 

All of a sudden, someone walked in and closed the door which had a jam lock. At the locking of the door, he (lecturer) looked up and saw a female student with long artificial nails and eyelashes. When he looked down to appraise what her mission could be, he saw that she had on a strapless little dress without wearing bra, her nipples pointing out and threatening to fall out of the little dress.

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The man confessed that he was suddenly covered with sweat and he started panting. He tried shouting at the girl but he could not find his voice as the girl approached him. He said he was terribly aroused when the girl bent over his table to inform him that she needed his help to pass his course.

 He (lecturer) said it took him all his will power to run towards his door, opened it and beckoned on a colleague he saw on the corridor to help him chase away the girl and lock his door. 

This is a story out of so many others. Study has shown that it is easier for a female to resist sexual passes than for a male to resist. Therefore the question is who actually is harassing who? From the study we made, it is obvious that students are making themselves vulnerable to sexual approaches. A student who attends lectures regularly, does his/her assignment in record time, studies hard to pass exams, dresses decently at all times will hardly be a victim of sexual harassment.

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We therefore call on parents, journalists, human rights activists to look holistically, not at one side of the story but at both sides by encouraging our children to uphold the old practices of academics and not to be distracted by parties, social media, clubs etc. and indecent fashion.

We also call on male lecturers to zip up and uphold the ethics of their profession. They should not hesitate to cry out in good time when experiencing any pressure from any female student whether directly or indirectly. The issue of setting up university lecturers should not be encouraged as it is obvious that in setting up someone, you are on a mission to make the person fall into that trap without his or her knowledge and usually one’s area of weakness will be the bait.

Source: Dr. Omonigho from University of Benin.