African Style: Couples spotted having their way in the bush.


This lockdown is definitely turning numerous people into another thing. The level at which crime is been committed is on the high side due to the fact that people are not allowed to do whatever they want.

Youths, as well as couple have been caught having affairs in places you would never have imagined. Imagine being caught in places like inside the bush, uncompleted buildings, classrooms and other places.

Such is the case of a couple who were caught digging it in the bush somewhere. Could it be because they no longer have enough space to perform this act due to lockdown directive in various Countries around the world, or the have many people now around with them at home.

Could it be that they are returning from somewhere and just decided to have a short one along the way, or they are not a genuine couple and resort to that option as a means of enjoying themselves?

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Anyways, something sure is they are having their way, Everyone are basically in the house therefore no space for young lovers and married people who are into adultery to perform this act.

A clip has been uploaded online showing the whole drama performed by the two. In the clip,a man and a woman were caught having their way in the bush by someone who is probably a passerby and in turn recorded the act.

It can be seen in the clip that the woman later discovered someone was filming the whole event, she tried to stop the recording but the person ran off.


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