Body Odour has crashed more relationships than cheating – Eghosa Agbonifo reveals


Benin Businessman and politician, Eghosa Agbonifo has spoken on the importance of smelling nice, noting that body odour has done crashed relationships even more than infidelity has.

Hon. Egbosa Agbonifo took to Instagram to note this, stating that not smelling nice is tantamount to not looking good.

He then dished out an advise for married people to help their spouses get through body odour as it is a show of affection. He added further that a perfume gift can go a long way in preserving a relationship.

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“If you don’t smell good, then you don’t look good.Body odour has crashed more relationships than cheating..For those married, if you love your spouses, help them know and get through it,it’s an utmost show of affection———————Ps:A perfume gift here and there can go a long way to preserve your relationship“, he wrote on IG.

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