Chinese Police attacks Nigerian man in China (video)


A video shared online shows the moment a Nigerian man in china who was forcefully Quarantined tried to cross the checking-point and the Chinese Police requested for his Quarantine Papers, he brought them out to show the Policeman, then Police attacked him by hitting him with a Police Stick.

In the video, the Nigerian man is heard saying” I brought out my quarantine Papers to give him, and he wants to hit me with his Talk-true stick. Have you seen it? this is what we are passing through here”

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As seen in the Video, The Nigerian man was presenting the Papers and the Police refused to collect it but kept his left hand stretched with a Police stick in the other Hand.

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As the policeman approached him to collect the Papers, he Purportedly hit the Nigerian man with the Police Stick in the other.

A social Media User who shared the video wrote: “Someone Just Sent Me This Video. Chinese Police Have Started Assaulting Our Brothers In China. Some Have Been Locked Up In Unknown Locations For Days Even With Proper Documentation.”