Don’t think an African man can’t survive without you; he is self-sufficient and can perform those house chores you do better – Lady advises women


A wise and super intelligent lady has advised her fellow women to not think or have the allusion that men cannot survive without them.

According to this lady, called Queen, most African or black men are self-sufficient and can perform most of the chores of the home.

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Therefore, her caution is to ladies who pride themselves in their bodily endowment and offer only sex as their contribution to the home.

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She added that women need men but men do not need women.

She wrote:

Men of today can cook, clean & do laundry. Basically, they can do all chores & they can finance their lifestyle

So stop acting like these black men need you just because you have a big ass & juicy pussy

Work on ur personality & attitude because with or without you he will survive