End Of Covid-19 In Lagos: Thousands Of Lagosians Defy Lockdown And Storm The Road For Exercise


Well, it seem Lagosians are tired of the lock down order placed by the Federal government to help curb the massive spread of Covid-19. After spending about 9 days indoors, many Lagosians are seen to have expressed boredom on their social media handles and have moved to disregard the lock down order placed by the Federal government for everyone to stay at home this period to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

This was evident in the Ikorodu area of Lagos state when residents of the Lagos suburb stormed the major expressway that leads to that town to engage in their some simple exercise, which this pandemic has afforded them to. It should not be forgotten that Lagos, being the industrial capital of Nigeria and the most populated state in the country with about 20 million residents is the most stressful state to live in.

The traffic situation and high cost of living usually have many left inhabitants working extra hours and spending longer time at work so that they can be able to pay their bills and live a little more decent life. But with this development of the rapid spread of the Covid-19 around the world and the lockdown order placed by President Muhammadu Buhari on Lagos, Ogun and the F.C.T, Lagosians have definitely seen this compulsory holiday as an opportunity to rest, keep fit and get a number of things done.

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But in all honesty, this should not be done at the expense of risking the rapid spread of the virus among people. With the social distancing rule clearly stating that people should stay apart observing 2 metres distance away from each other, the massive crowd seen in the footage released online showed that all those were highly disregarded.

While not supporting this act, it seem like this Pandemic will end some day. Either they come up with an expensive vaccine or Nigerians get tired of the lockdown and resume back to their normal lives. It is more likely that the latter will be the case in Nigeria.

Please stay at home and stay safe

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