Fashion Or Madness: Woman Spotted Wearing This In Public


These days many ladies don’t even care about their mode of dressing, they put on virtually anything they lay their hands on.

It is no more a new thing to see ladies half-baked roaming about on the streets. Some times you wonder if the fact that we are living in an era in which civilization is very rapid means people should go around naked.

The photo above showed a woman that have caused a serious stir on social media after she appeared in public wearing a really weird outfit.

This photo has caused a meltdown on the internet since it emerged. It has received mixed reactions from numerous internet users.

Two women are seen in the photo clearly shopping for hair attachments but that is not what is causing a stir: it is the woman standing by the right that has got tongues rolling.

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The woman is seen wearing pants that have obviously been torn to shreds to clearly expose her buttocks, in the name of fashion or craziness?

Apparently done for fashion purpose, the woman is proud to appear in public wearing the rather weird design.

Although the woman’s identity or location will not be shared, social media users have since slammed her choice of clothes, calling it too bizarre for anyone to appear comfortably in.

What do you think, is this fashion or craziness? Share your thought in the comment box.

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