Even My Mother Knows “I Can’t Survive Without Having Sex With 10 Men In A Day” – Nigeria Girl Says


A young lady on Facebook is seeking for publics opinion and advice on how she is going to stop having sex with 10 different men in a day. Even tho her mother knows about it

This is what the young girl posted on his Facebook page;

“Please I need urgent help and Advices from people on how I am going to stop this sinful behavior of not skipping a day without having sex with more than 10 different men. I am an undergraduate student of unizik, I am twenty years old. Although, I am getting paid after sleeping with these men but right now I want to stop,m, this act is killing me inside. Please people help me out”

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This is serious, I think the girl is under a spell or maybe she is being manipulated by evil spirit. How can a young girl of twenty years can’t go a day without out sleeping with 10 different men?