I Caught My Husband Several Times Sleeping with His Female Members – Pastors Wife Cries Out


The wife of a Pastor in Delta State took to her Facebook page to speak about his Husband, saying she Caught the husband several times Sleeping with his female church Members in the hotel and at home when the come to help him do thing’s

The pastor’s wife by name Veronica Adams an indigen of rivers state took to her Facebook page to condem her husband’s actbabd tags the husband as a pure fake Pastor.


The pastor in questions is the senior Pastor of Grace assembly in Delta State, senior Pius adams.

According to the woman she has married the man for over 39 years now but didn’t know the husband could be this fake until a day comes when she left for the market on returning back she caught the husband sleeping with one of his church members who came to clean the house she was so shock and wanted to speak but the man threaten to kill her if she says anything.

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Another day I was also informed by one of my friend to come and catch my husband in a hotel sleeping with another usher in his church I was so sad and depressed I didn’t know what to say.

I want to stand today to tell the world that my husband is fake very fake and he deceives people through the use of the names of God all the miracle’s he does is fake the woman said.

She told people to stay away from the husband church, that the church is full of evil.