‘I have checked your profile, you’re cool but I can’t hustle with you. Hustle hard, get a car and get back to me’ – Lady replies man who slides into her dm


A gentleman has shared his ordeal when he decided to express his interest in having an intimate relationship with a ‘social media’ lady.

According to the story told by the victim on Twitter, he was given the assignment by the lady to gather 500 retweets for him to qualify for a conversation.

The guy shares a tweet on how he was a able to garner 500 retweets and went to the lady in high hopes only for him to be shown the exit.

According to screenshots shared by the gentleman, the lady asked him whether he has a job and earned above 150k and the guy responded in the affirmative.

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The art proceeded to ask him if he owns a car and the guy responded by saying he has no car at the moment but hopes to get one soon.

The lady, who sees a guy not owning a car as a deal-breaker, decided to finish the gentleman with a bit of savage advice by telling him to go hustle hard and get himself a car and then come back for them to continue.

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Photos and Screenshots of Tweets Below: