I would love to use 5G if they Launch it – Pastor Chris Replies Trolls, gives Reasons (video)


Chris Oyakhilome, founder and president of LoveWorld Incorporated better known as Christ Embassy, has said that he would love to use 5G if they roll it out but he is considering the health implications.

Recall that Pastor Chris said that coronavirus pandemic was created to instill fear among people in actualising the agenda, adding that the 5G technology was an Antichrist initiative. READ HERE

“I have to look at my calling as a priority and I’m into the healing ministry. You may be a pastor or a minister and not be into the healing ministry, this may not concern you,” 

“I am a science and technology enthusiast, Just studying the capabilities of the 5G, makes like wow!, I would like to go on it like tomorrow morning, i would love to start it right away.

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“But at the same time, am into healing, i know what it means to for people to be sick, and so no matter how interested i am in the 5G, am going to put health first, what are the health implications”

“I would love to go on the 5G if they roll it out, but if there are health risk, they should fix it”

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“We wanna go on extra ordinary technology BUT we must consider all the health Implications, and i see no reason why anybody should think otherwise.