“Marry a partner and not a panther”-Reno Omokri advises singles


When it comes to marriage, many believes it should be one man, one wife, but that does not stop you from marrying more than one wife if you have the capacity to do so. There is a saying, the kind of person you marry goes a long way to the kind of life you live. If you marry an abusive person, get ready for hell in the cell, if you marry a loving and caring person, get ready for heaven on earth as couples are meant to support each other in any and every way possible.

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“Dear Singles, Marry a partner, not a panther. A partner is a spouse that adds value to you. A panther is a tout that consumes the value in you. Look before you leap, or you will rue and weep. Marriage to a panther is damage not marriage.” Reno Omokri tweeted from his official twitter handle.

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