Throwback video Of Fake Pastor Caught Doing It With Woman In Warri While Praying For Her


Please note that this is a throwback video of the Nigerian Fake Pastor who was Caught doing it with woman in Warri in the middle of a prayer session.

Do you still remember the video of a fake pastor having his way with a female member of his church? The video has once again become a trend online as internet users have started giving a mixed reaction.

Recall the woman in the video was said to be having issues with childbirth. In a bid to solve this issue, she resolved to allowing her pastor have his way.

See Video Below:

The fake pastor was said to have assured her of a lasting solution only if she will allow him sleep with her.

Upon agreement, the woman, the pastor, and possibly minimum of one other person all went to a secret place, probably an uncompleted building in order to transfer the power from the pastor to the female member.

In the video as she was being slept with, you would hear her saying the prayers in the delta state language after the evil pastor:

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“Power, Enter,”

Probably she was Claiming her spiritual pregnancy!

Internet users have however started asking questions about the pastor involved. Below are some of the comments posted by internet users:

Unknown7 March 2020 at 21:57
That is what happens when members don’t read their bible.. it’s just sad that people take advantage of people when they should be helping them… The pastors should be penalized.


Unknown8 April 2020 at 23:02
Fake pastor’s everywhere. Please where is the pastor now sef


Unknown11 April 2020 at 03:46
words like power enter power enter


Unknown16 April 2020 at 20:58
Look at the dirty and hungry looking idiot that slept with the lady cheaply. I am sure that would have a better looking man at home as husband but she could open her legs for someone because he calls himself a pastor and because she also must become a mother.
Power has really entered her and she will surely get the result


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