Nnamdi Kanu shows off the Chinese Version of Buhari, Exposes China (photos)


Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the Leader of IPOB, has said that Buhari that made the Last Coronavirus Broadcast is not Jubril nor Buhari, But the Chinese Version of Buhari with mask, Reveals the plans of China in Nigeria.

Recall that Nnamdi Kanu said that Buhari is Dead, replaced with Jubril From Sudan who is already in Cuba while Aso Rock Cabals hired someone with mask to be Acting Like Buhari.

He wrote:

“In his speech to the dispossessed and impoverished animals in the Luggardian cage called Nigeria on Moday 13 April 2020 from the basement of a hotel in Havana Cuba, Jubril Al-Sudani, with a full Buhari face mask still with a hole in the neck, said, “the lockdown will continue on Monday”.

“Can you imagine such idiocy? The deceivers, liars, forgers and scammers in the Coronavirus infected, diseased and empty Aso Rock told the gullible 200 million that it was a LIVE broadcast when in actual fact it was a pre-recorded video from outside Nigeria.

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“The equally daft speech writer forgot that their deceitful video was going to air on Monday night instead of Sunday evening they had previously scheduled. This is the level of grand deception from the cesspit of evil that some seemingly sensible people still call a country.

“Nigeria and Nigerians are worse than they appear. The ability to reason is no longer applicable to them.

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“No wonder the Chinese chose them as the first black country in Africa to start their human experimentation with COVID-19 vaccine. Normally scientists will start the test of a new vaccine on laboratory rats, then pigs and monkeys before clinical trials on humans will begin.

“But why waste time on rats, pigs and monkeys when you have a country, a giant laboratory, with 200 million animals in it ready to be used as lab animals with the support of their government. A country where people prefer to be led a fake picture and video than a real person.

“Looking at what Is happening as a result of the Lock Down and Hunger, this is the right time for a revolution in Nigeria. But nobody can lead a revolution from the center because Nigeria is not one.

“China is not good for Africa, But Africa Leaders do not care, they have sold their conscience.

“There has to be nationwide revolution in Biafra Land and Nigeria, Geoffrey Onyema denied that our people in china were maltreated. He is a traitor because it is in his blood, his father was warrant chief and a traitor.

Unveiling The Chinese Version of Buhari, He said: “In their Last broadcast, we can still see the hole in his neck, The Chinese are not able to cover the hole.

In the below photo, Can you Identify the Chinese Version?

Chinese version and Previous masked Version.