Why I Sleep With Different Men- Nigerian Lady Speaks Her Mind.


Poverty they say is a bastard. Numerous people have resolved into doing all sort of things in order to meet up with daily requirements and sustain themselves and their families.

Things have been difficult for most people, especially during this Covid-19 lockdown.

Many people have lost their job, exhausted their money and even their food. To make matter worse, some people’s house rent is due, and landlords/landladies are not taking it lightly these days.

So is the case of a young girl whose name we will not disclose. The lady confessed that she sleep with different men all because she want to meet up with her daily food.

When sharing one of her experiences, she revealed that a man living next door once asked her to sleep with him in exchange for money. Because she is in need of money to buy foodstuffs for her poor parents and siblings, she gave in.

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She said:

“I have no choice than to allow him because of my poor parents, they are starving”.

In her statement, she further revealed that she sometimes allow people record such acts, it all depends on how much you are paying, and her face must also be concealed in the videos.

She stated that no one is ready to help these days and as a result one has to stand up and face life without relying on anyone’s help.

From what she told us, now she is used to such life and she have no regrets.
What do you think about that, is she justified for her actions? Kindly share your thought in the comment box.

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