Am looking For A Young Man Who Has Money, If You Know You Are Poor Don’t Comment


A lady has taken to her social media account to make an announcement that she’s in need of a guy who has money.

The lady identified as “Angela Abu” she’s is seeking for a young man who get sense and money. A man that will be able to take good care of her in the relationship.

In her post, she stated that she does not want a man who is penniless, who doesn’t have money with him, she further said she is looking for somome that is extremely rich and will give her money.

Not only that, such a man must be knowledgeable that is, he must get sense to do the needful thing to her not a man who doesn’t have sense who will ruin her life.

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Many ladies choose to ne with any man they wish or pray for. But most ladies want a man who has money with him and will be able to take good care of her.

Mere looking at her she is a very nice woman. So if you can meet with the criteria she laid down you can reach her. So many man want this kind of lady

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