COVID-19: Ghanaian nurse goes viral; dances to Nicki Minaj’s Megatron (Video)


A Ghanaian nurse has set the internet on fire with her twerking moves In the video, the nurse is seen twerking to Nicki Minaj’s song. A man is captured trying to spank her backside.

The world is currently battling the deadly Coronavirus also known as COVID-19 as the disease has claimed many lives.

World leaders are putting their heads together to get a vaccine for the novel virus.

Over 200,000 lives have been lost and over 4,300,000 cases have been recorded worldwide.

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With the virus taking over the world, a Ghanaian nurse has decided to psyche herself to beat the pandemic.

We have seen a video of a heavily endowed nurse showing off her dance skills.

In the video, the nurse is seen twerking wildly as she jammed to Nicki Minaj’s Megatron song.

Watch the video here

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