Lady Shows Off Her Special Dance And Twerk Skill At A Party


Not everyone may still believe this but the fact still remains that there are men who have money but yet are shy when it comes to dealings with ladies.

Here’s a rare footage  showing the moment a big boy attended a party with his friends but could not even dance with a lady. The shy man sat on a seat with his eyes covered with his goggle as he could not face the people.

His friends tried to cheered him and sang songs in praise of him just so he could dance while the lady was showing her twerk skills but then a shy person will be shy.

As They Say If The Musa Doesn’t Go To The Mountains, The Mountains Will Come To Him.

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But he remained the same position, she quickly reversed it and used her ass on his face. She placed her backside on his face and bounced it.

See what happened to the man after this in the video.

Watch Video Below:

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