Lady Slaps Man In Bank, Man Slaps Her Back. See Reactions


A video of a lady and a man exchanging Slaps in a place that appears like a bank counter has sparked serious arguments online.

In the video, a lady and a man had argument over misunderstanding, the lady slapped the man, the man retaliated and gave her a heavy slap that saw her staggering.

Nigerians that saw the video are divided over it. While some are blaming the man for retaliating, others are supporting the man. Some are of the opinion that no matter what, that the man shouldn’t have slapped the woman back.

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Instagram user, Hotdealzdirect said:
“It’s wrong to slap a woman, no matter what. He is not a gentleman.”

Then another Instagram user, Ozzyemmanuel, fired back:
“@hotdealzdirect why did she slapped him In the first place?”

If you were the man, what would you have done in this kind of situation?

Watch the video

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