Stop Abusing Our Ladies, Nigerian Man Says To South African Youths


A video has been released online by a Nigerian after a South African lady has called out Nigerian men, calling Nigerian ladies prostitutes.

It has been earlier reported that a South African lady known as Zethu Ankosi on Twitter, has lashed out at Nigerian men after narrating her experience with a Nigerian man who slid into her DM.

According to the Ankosi, she and the Nigerian man known as Lawrence Okoro started chatting on Twitter and the conversation was all smooth until she revealed she was in South Africa and could only come to see him if he took care of her flight expenses.

The Nigerian man who wasn’t pleased to hear that the lady lives in South Africa, said he wasted his time chatting with her; ”What the hell, you just made me waste time and data on a fruitless journey” he wrote

To which the South African girl asked if he was used to spending money ”on his cheap Nigerian girls” .

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It led to an exchange of words between the pair, and the South African lady posted the screenshots of the chat on her Twitter handle.

 ”Stupid Nigerian Men with misplaced priorities , go do that with the prostitutes calling themselves ladies in your poor country @LawrenceOkoroTL” she captione her post

However many Nigerians have reacted filling what the South African lady said. A number of videos have surfaced online showing South African youths engaging in immorality.

One of the videos released shows students having their way in a classroom. Even though other students were there, they were not moved.

Another student can be seen recording the whole event. After releasing the videos, the Nigerian man asked:

“Who do rubbish pass? Stop abusing our ladies”
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