Woman twerks to show that bum is $exier than b**b$


Woman twerks to show that A$$ is sexier than b©©b$!

Numerous men definitely prefer the frontside of a woman to the backside. When asked, many simply say they love the look.

As a result of this, many Of the men prefer going after women with massive frontside rather than those with backside.

Researches even shows some who are lacking these essential features often do whatever they can to enlarge them. This shows the level of desperation of some ladies to have massive front features.

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However, some times it boomerang and some even die.

A lady has however taken to her social media accounts to prove backside is better than front side.

The yet-to-be-identified lady said she will make any man who see the video love backside than frontside.

She wrote:

“Are you still a b**b$ man? I am twerking to make you like booty!”

See video HERE

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